SharePoint 2010 Facebook/Twitter Web Part

Some very generous community contributors have provided the following code (including source) for Facebook and Twitter feed web parts: I needed some slightly different behavior so I tweaked their source code with the following changes. I've provided the new solution file and my modified source code below for anyone that may need similar changes.
  • I've combined both the Twitter and Facebook feeds into a single web part with 2 table columns. When adding the web part, choose the one titled 'Show Wall' to get both feeds.
  • The Twitter feed is returning all tweets for all feeds that the user is subscribed to, not just their own tweets.
  • The tweets are 'Linkified' - that is, all the hash tags, mentions and URL's within the tweet text should be appropriately hyper-linked.
Here's a preview of the web part:

For instructions on installing/configuring the Facebook and Twitter web parts and the Twitter account to publish the feed, see the 'Getting Started' wiki pages within the links provided above.

Facebook/Twitter Web Part Source Code (The .wsp solution file is in the\sharepoint-facebook-wall-read-only2\BrickRed.WebParts.Facebook.Wall\bin\Debug directory.)

Posted on 5/22/2011 5:57:00 PM by sterlingt

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September 23. 2011 02:23

Thanks for the method "ParseTweetEntities".

Although I had to modify it a little for tweets with multiple entities.

Jaap Dijkma

January 26. 2012 20:14

New versions of both the facebook and twitter webparts are launched this January with exciting new features/webparts and cool new look and feel.

Facebook Webparts V 4.0

Twitter Webparts V 3.0

Nitin Gupta